What does ‘Instagrammer’ mean? Did someone block?

Instagram is one of the leading social platforms and it has gained a lot of popularity in the past few months. Nowadays people are preferring Instagram over Facebook. This is because now Instagram has made their Direct Message section more convenient. Instagram is also good in many other aspects than Facebook such as disabling account temporary, Instagram TV and the explore section.

So you’re an Instagram user and you might have seen the Instagrammer in your Instagram account somewhere. If you are seeing Instagrammer in your DM or in a profile then it doesn’t mean that the person has blocked you.

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Whenever someone temporary disables his/her account on Instagram then it shows Instagrammer in the DM of those people who had a conversation earlier with that person. Once the account is disabled then Instagram will start showing Instagrammer on the profile. Instagrammer stays visible on the profile for a short span of time and after that, it will show nothing.

what does instagrammer mean

What does Instagrammer Mean?

If you are thinking that Instagrammer is shown because the person has blocked you then you are wrong as when someone blocks then you won’t be able to see their account.


Generally, you see Instagrammer in the DM section of Instagram, Instagrammer stays in the DM section for a while when the person disables the account temporarily.

Once the person activates account then you will not see Instagrammer anymore. After reactivating the account their username is changed to the previous one they had.

What happens when someone blocks on Instagram?

If someone blocks you on Instagram then you won’t be able to find the account of that person either in Direct Message or Search section. Once that person blocks you then their account will automatically be disappeared from Following, Search & DM section.

In the case, if Instagram blocks someone’s account then also it shows the Instagrammer in the DM section. So you shouldn’t consider Instagrammer as blocking.

Final Verdict:

This was a small guide regarding one of the doubts of Instagram which is Instagrammer. If still, you haven’t understood the meaning of Instagrammer then let us know via the comments section below. We will be happy to hear from you.

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