How to Resume Failed/Expired Downloads in UC Browser

While downloading the files from UC Browser it may give you an error saying Download Failed or Link Expired. If you have received this error in downloading the file form UC Browser then there are chances that you will end up downloading it again from the beginning.

There is no such way which can help you in resuming the failed download from UC Browser. Generally, this error occurs when you Turn Off your data while downloading the file or if you have a slow Internet connection. Once file downloading is paused and the server doesn’t support the resuming then you have to download the file again from the beginning.

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However, it may be easier for you to download the file again from the beginning but if you are downloading a big file which may have got stuck in between and it would be quite difficult in downloading the complete file from the beginning. If you are also facing the Link Expired or Download Failed Error then here we have got a perfect solution for you. You can lucky patcher download to hack in-app purchase of games/applications.

resume failed downloads

Resume Failed Downloads in UC Browser

Officially there is no such option in the UC Browser which helps you in resuming the failed download. But you do not need to worry as we have got a solution for you in fixing this error.

This trick will work no matter which error you have faced in downloading or whether the server supports resume or not. You just have to follow some simple steps carefully which are as mentioned below.

How to Fix Expired Downloads in UC Browser?

  1. The very first thing here you will require is the ES File Explorer which you can download from the Google Play Store for free.
  2. Now open the UC Browser where you are getting the error of “Retrying” “Link Expired” “Download Failed”.
  3. Then open the ES File Explorer in your mobile and open UC Downloads folder where the UC Browser download files are stored.
  4. There you have to look for the file which you are downloading and you will find that there are two files of the same name which you are downloading. (Enable “Show Hidden Files” in the Settings of File Manager)
  5. Now Move both files of the same name to some other folder except UC Downloads.
  6. After that open the UC Browser and copy the download link of your file, you can copy the URL from the details section of downloading the file.
  7. Now delete the file which you are downloading from the UC Browser’s download section.
  8. Then open the URL of the file which you had copied in Step 6 and start downloading the file again from the beginning.
  9. Here you will find that the file starts downloading from the beginning, do not download the file and pause it.
  10. Open UC Downloads folder in ES File Explorer.
  11. There you will find 2 files again of the same name. Delete these both files.
  12. Now copy those files which you had moved in Step 5 and paste them in the UC Downloads folder.
  13. Open UC Browser again and click on the resume button.
  14. That’s it, Now you will find that the file is resumed from the last downloaded part.

Final Verdict:

If you are downloading an important file and facing the Failed Download or Link Expired error then this is the life-saving article for you and will help you in resuming the file.

However, if you are facing any trouble or didn’t understand the steps properly then do let us know via the comments section below and we will help you personally in the matter.

If this article has helped in any manner then do us a favor by sharing it with your friends by using the Social Shares button shared below. Stay tuned with us for more updates regarding the UC Browser.

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