what does instagrammer mean

What does ‘Instagrammer’ mean? Did someone block?

Instagram is one of the leading social platforms and it has gained a lot of popularity in the past few months. Nowadays people are preferring Instagram over Facebook. This is…

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Fix 'Error Retrieving Information from Server' RH-01 Error in Play Store

Fix ‘Error Retrieving Information from Server’ RH-01 Error in Play Store

There are many Android users who face an error saying Error Retrieving Information from Server while downloading an application from the Google Play Store. This is a common error which is faced…

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Fix Download Pending Error

Fix “Download Pending” Error in Google Play Store

If you are an Android mobile user then you might have faced Download Pending Error in Google Play Store while downloading or updating an application. Many people have reported this issue that…

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cancel google play subscription

How to Cancel Google Play Subscriptions

Whenever you purchase anything on the Google Play Store or buys any subscription of any application then your payment method gets saved on your Google Play account and you will…

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