Fix “Download Pending” Error in Google Play Store

If you are an Android mobile user then you might have faced Download Pending Error in Google Play Store while downloading or updating an application. Many people have reported this issue that sometimes Play Store gives an error and the download process get stuck on the Download Pending. 

There are various reasons behind this error and we can’t figure out what exactly is the reason but the good thing is that this error can be fixed easily with just a few clicks. This is a common error of Google Play Store and if you are facing this error then downloading process application would not begin.

Here in this article, we are going to share a few tips which will help you in fixing Download Pending error. You just have to follow the below-shared tips carefully. If these tricks do not work for you then do let us know via the comments section.

Fix Download Pending Error

Fix Download Pending Error Play Store

Recently Google has done some changes in the Play Store in which only one task can be downloaded at one time while earlier multiple tasks could be downloaded simultaneously that’s why this error appears. If you are trying to download or update multiple applications at the same time then there are chances that you may end up facing Download Pending error.

How to Solve Download Pending Error?

Here we have shared some simple tricks which will help you in solving the download pending error.

#Method 1:

  1. The very first thing here you need to do is Clear the Download Queue, if you have added multiple items for downloading at the same time then you have to stop them.
  2. Open Play Store and right click on the 3 dots at the top right corner from there select My Apps & Games.
  3. Now there click on the ‘X’ button to stop all the ongoing download processes.
  4. Now Reboot your mobile phone and start downloading again your applications one by one.
  5. Hope this works for you.

#Method 2:

If the above-shared method didn’t work for you then here is another trick which may also help you in getting rid of this error.

  1. Open Settings > Application on your mobile phone and then look for Google Play Store.
  2. Click on Play Store from applications section and then select Clear Data & Cache of the application.
  3. By doing so you will lose your Google Play Store data or saved preferences.
  4. After clearing data open Play Store and start downloading your application.
  5. If Clear Data doesn’t work for you then you can try Force Stop of Play Store.
  6. Hope it will fix Download Pending error for you.


Here we shared the complete guide on fixing Download Pending error of Google Play Store. If still, you are not able to fix the error or have any other query related to Google Play Store then feel free to contact us via the comments section. We will try to get back to you ASAP with proper resolution.


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