How to Use Copyrighted Videos on Instagram

Instagram is one of the popular social media network and mainly used for sharing photos and videos with followers. In the past few years, Instagram has gained a lot of popularity and increasing day by day.

If you use Instagram, then you might be aware that Instagram doesn’t allow copyrighted videos and whenever you upload a Copyrighted video on your account, then Instagram will delete your post against the copyright violation.

Instagram is using automatic detection system for copyrighted videos, whenever Instagram finds Copyrighted video on your account, then it will be automatically deleted without prior notification and no matter if you re-upload or edit it will get removed automatically.

upload copyrighted video on instagram

Upload Copyrighted Video on Instagram

Even if you shot the video and you are using Copyrighted music then also Instagram won’t allow you to upload that video. Sometimes it becomes embarrassing because Instagram deleted the post instantly after finding Copyrighted Music or Video.

So here, we’ve got a solution for you in which you can upload any Copyrighted video on your Instagram account, and it won’t get deleted by the Instagram team. Follow the below-mentioned steps carefully to use copyrighted videos on your Instagram account.

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How to Upload Copyright Affected Videos on Instagram?

  1. At first, you can upload the video as you post regularly from your Profile section.
  2. Once Video is uploaded successfully, and if it’s copyrighted, then you will get a notification in the notification bar your account.
  3. In notification bar, a message will be displayed saying “Your video was deleted Because It may have copyrighted content which belongs to someone else.” Tap inscription “See what’s wrong.”
    copyrighted video instagram
  4. After that click on Appeal link.
  5. Now it will show you some instructions regarding the copyright stuff you have to click on I agree.
  6. Then it will ask for you Electronic signature, enter your Signature and click on Appeal button.
  7. Now wait for a few minutes, and your Video will be reposted.
  8. That’s all. Enjoy posting copyrighted videos on your Instagram account without any hassle.

Final Verdict:

If you are trying to upload a video shot by you and having background music, then Instagram may delete your post for violating copyright policy. If this is happening with your post also then you can follow the steps mentioned above, and your video will be uploaded successfully without copyright violation.

However, please do not spam it with posting multiple copyrighted videos then it won’t work. You can use the above trick only if you are using a video shot by you and background music. If you are having any query or unable to appeal the video, then please leave your question in the comments section below.

Also, do not forget to share this article with your Instagram friends and let them know about this trick. Keep visiting us for more tech stuff.

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