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When commercially you work with emails you need to deal with hundreds of emails every day. It is not an easy task to manage those hundreds of emails every day and keep track of every email.

Snovio has come up with its bunch of email management tools then there is nothing to worry about. Among other Snovio tools, I’ve found the email tracking tool a great help to every commercial back office work.

This tool can do itself the work of several hours in just seconds. You must be eager to know what kind of work the email tracking tool does that I am so great full to it.

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What Does Snovio Email Tracker Tool Do?

Before you know what Snovio email tracker tool does, you need to understand what the role of email tracker tool is.

What is the role of an email tracker tool?

Basically, an email tracker tool helps to get information about the present condition of an email. It is just about the email which you send to other people. You will get the information about how the email is being treated.

Either the email has been opened or not. You will also get to know if the email is read, and also you will learn if the recipient of the email has clicked the link enclosed in the email body. Also, you can see the whole history of opens and clicks by the exact recipient.

Don’t you think that this email tracking tool is a great administrative help? You can easily collect all information about the movement of an email with the email tracking tool.

Now let’s come to the point what is special in email tracking tool of Snovio. Since you all know that every company comes with a USP and here Snovio has made its email tracking tool totally free to use. You can find this tool complementary to the other email management tools of Snovio. There are many more reasons that can support my choice in favor of Snovio email tracking tool.

Why I choose Snovio email tracking tool?

First of all, Snovio email marketing tool was not asking for any charges to use the tool as I have already mentioned. But Snovio also offers a tool that works very fast. You will not feel any interruption of this tool to any other work in your system. Even you can manage more than one email account with this tool.

This is another benefit which attracts me towards Snovio email tracking tool. Then I’ve noticed that Snovio email tracking tool also delivers a real-time notification that means it shows a notification immediately if any movement has occurred in the emails that you have sent to others. The notification always keeps popping out whenever there is any movement (you can switch them off if they bother you). These social features of Snovio email tracking tool makes me more interested in it. And the last thing: the emails will be completely free from any types of signatures or logos. Great!

Add the extension to the Chrome browser and get ready for numerous advantages and benefits!

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