How to Find People on Facebook by City/Location

Looking for someone on Facebook but unable to find because of multiple search results? Yes, it happens because whenever we search on Facebook with the name, then it would show a list of all the people having the same name. It becomes a challenging task to find an unknown person by his/her name.

Recently, I was searching for one of my school’s friend on Facebook but could not find it because I got a list of hundreds of people with the same name. So, if you don’t have a proper username, email or Mobile Number of the person, then it won’t be easier for you to find him/her on Facebook.

However, if you’re having some mutual friends with the person whom you’re searching, then there are chances that you may find it easily but finding an unknown person with the name on Facebook is very very difficult.

How to Find People on Facebook by City/Location

Search People on Facebook With Specific City/Location

Recently, Facebook had launched a feature for App & Desktop both users in which they can search for a person and then filter them Location/City wise by this way it would be much easier to find someone by filtering according to city.

Here, in this article, I’m going to share a detailed guide regarding Finding People on Facebook with their name and location. Below I’ve posted a guide for Desktop & Mobile Application both.

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Find People on Facebook via City/Location {Desktop}

If you are looking for a person by his name but getting hundreds of search results and unable to find, then you can use Facebook’s filter section to make your task easier. Read below guide to know more.

  1. At first, open Facebook in any browser and Log In to your Facebook account.
  2. Now at the top bar, there would be an option for finding people, enter the name of the person whom you’re looking on Facebook.
  3. Then you’ll see many search results, and at the top, you would see a section of People, Pages, Groups, etc. You’ve to click on the People section.
  4. Now on the left sidebar, you would see that there is an option to find people as per their location.
    find on fb by city
  5. Enter the city name to whom the person belong then you will see the list of the people with the specific city whom you’re looking for.
  6. That’s all. Enjoy finding people on Facebook with their location.

Search People on Facebook of Specific Location/City {Via Mobile App}

  1. At first, you need to install the Facebook application on your mobile phone which you can download from the Google Play Store or iOS Store for free.
  2. Now Login to your Facebook account or Create a New Account if you don’t have any.
  3. At the top of the screen, there would be a search section. Enter the name of the person to whom you’re finding on Facebook.
  4. Now you will list of all the person who is using that name. You’ve to click on the People section.
  5. After selecting People, there would be more filters.
  6. Click on the City section and enter the City Name to which the person belongs.
    fb city search filter
  7. That’s all; Now you can find your Friend easily on Facebook with his/her city name.

If you’re unable to find your Friend on Facebook even with his/her city name, then you need to do some changes in your search section. You can try searching by his nickname/full name or even mobile phone number.

For better results, you should use the desktop version of Facebook as it would allow you to select more filters and will show much better suggestions than the Facebook mobile application.

Final Verdict:

I hope you liked this guide and found your friend on Facebook using search by City filter. If you’re having any trouble in finding people on Facebook or have any better solution to find people easily, then you can let us know via the comments section below.

Your suggestions and queries are most welcome at HiTechPedia. Share this article with your friends to spread awareness regarding the use of Facebook.

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