Fix ‘Error Retrieving Information from Server’ RH-01 Error in Play Store

There are many Android users who face an error saying Error Retrieving Information from Server while downloading an application from the Google Play Store. This is a common error which is faced by many Android mobile phone users and there is no such specific reason behind the error.

Here in this article we are going to discuss in depth of this error and will share the possible ways to Fix Play Store RH-01 Error. This error says that there is a problem in retrieving information from the server but in reality, the problem persists with your mobile phone and there is no such issue with the server.

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Fix 'Error Retrieving Information from Server' RH-01 Error in Play Store

Fix Error Retrieving Information from Server Error Play Store

There can be various reasons for which this error occurs such as incorrect date & time, the problem with Google Account and lot more. This error occurs only when you try to install or update an application from the Google Play Store.

If you are also facing RH-01 Error in Play Store while downloading or updating application then here you are at the right place as in this article we are going to share some tips by which you can get rid of this error easily and you will be able to update/download your desired application from the Play Store.

How to Fix RH-01 Error in Play Store?

RH-01 or Error Retrieving Information from Server is the same error and there is no certain reason behind the error. We’ve shared multiple methods to fix the error you can give them try one by one. Hope one of these works for you.

#Method 1: Set Correct Date & Time

The very first reason behind this error can be that you have not set correct date and time on your mobile phone. Make sure that your device has correct date and time and Automatic Timezone is selected.

If your device does not have accurate date and time then open Settings go to Additional Settings and select Date & Time. Here select proper Time Zone and set the proper date & time and then you can choose Automatic Date & Time. Save settings and try downloading your application again. Hope that works for you.

#Method 2: Reboot Device

It might seem normal for you but sometimes rebooting the device can fix this error for you. So, before proceeding further for more steps you should give a try by rebooting your mobile phone. Simply Switch Off and Switch On your mobile phone and then try downloading the application from Play Store.

#Method 3: Clear Data & Cache

Here comes another solution which can help you in fixing RH-01 Error for Play Store. Open Settings of your mobile phone and then look for Installed Applications there you will find an application named Play Store, click on it and then click on Clear Data & Cache.

Once you have cleared the data open Play Store on your mobile phone and search for the application which you want to download on the mobile phone. Almost for many cases or errors, it works perfectly.

#Method 4: Remove Google Account

If the above-shared methods did not work for you then there are chances that the issue is with your Google Account. So here you will need to change your Google Account to get rid of this error.

To do this go to Settings of your mobile phone and then open Accounts > Google. Here select the account which you have logged in to the Google Play Store and then click on Remove from Device. Now that specific google account will be removed from your device which can be re-added later.

Once you have removed the account open Play Store and Log In to some another account or Create a new account. After successfully logging in search for application which you want to install and start installation process. Hope it works for you.


So this was a complete guide on fixing Error Retrieving Information from Server RH-01 error on Play Store. I hope the above shared methods have helped you in fixing this error. If the error still persists then please feel free to contact us via the comments section below, we would be happy to hear from you.

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